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Can I use Sprint UI for commercial projects?

Whilst you're an Active Sprint UI, it is more than fine to use it for commercial projects.

What is Sprint UI

Sprint UI is a plugin based design system that allows you to easily recreate a on-brand design system in a few clicks.

Which programs can I use Sprint UI?

Sprint UI is currently only available on Figma right now. We're keen to get this rolling onto Sketch too!

What happens if I want a refund?

We only provide refunds if the product is deemed faulty and each case is treated separately. Reach out to us on hi@sprintui.com and we'll be in touch ASAP.

We do not accept the following reason:

  • You change your mind about the item
  • You bought the item by mistake
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item

How often do you release updates?

We do our best to release updates as soon as we can. If you have any feature requests, checked out our Roadmap Trello board to vote for features you want to be released in the next version. If your amazing feature idea isn't there, feel free to write to us at hi@sprintui.com

Is Sprint UI a one-time or monthly/annual payment?

We've got several options! Our one-time payment is a limited offer and won't be available after March 2021. We also have a monthly and annually payment method too. To know more, check out our Pricing page.

Does Sprint UI work for Windows?

Sprint UI works with both Windows and Mac version of Figma.

How do I get support for Sprint UI?

We always try to solve your issues ASAP. Just write to us at hi@sprintui.com

Do you have student pricing?

Sprint UI is priced at a competitive rate for what it offers, keep in mind that as long as you're an active member you'll continue to receive many exciting components and features with our plugin-based design system.

How do I install Sprint UI Plugin?

The Sprint UI Plugin is available in the Community space in Figma. Search for Sprint UI to install it, however keep in mind that you need to have setup a paid account and have the design system downloaded beforehand in order to use the plugin.

Can I use the plugin to customise my components?

The Sprint UI Design System & Plugin is essentially a set framework where any custom components not originally from the design system will not work with the plugin.

How do I download the Sprint UI Design System?

The Sprint UI Design System is available in the download page of your paid Sprint UI Account. Keep in mind that you can only customise it after you have the Sprint UI Plugin installed.